Did you feel distressed rather than elated after the birth of your baby because things didn’t go entirely according to plan?

Research shows around 40% of mums didn’t bond with their babies immediately after birth because of complications during delivery.

That is where a rebirth ceremony comes in handy.

Rebirth ceremonies are designed to make up for the lack of bonding that took place at the actual birth. Mums are choosing to have these ceremonies to focus on bonding with their babies and healing any negativity following a traumatic birth.

We can’t take credit for Re-birth ceremonies. This idea came from one of our customers, Edita. Here is her beautiful story:

Lisa was heartbroken when baby Xavier was born by caesarean. But her partner Edita came up with a brilliant idea. As Xavier hadn’t been welcomed into the world as planned she would welcome them home into the birth environment they wanted. So before setting off to the hospital to collect Lisa and baby Xavier, she placed tea lights around the room, inflated the birthing pool, filled it with water and added a few petals and essentials oils.

Lisa loved the surprise and got straight into the birthing pool with baby Xavier. She said she found the experience very healing.

Since then lots of customers have planned a re-birth. Some families are choosing to organise elaborate ceremonies. Others simply choose to fill their birthing pools and relax with their babies, taking photos to remember the special time.


Sophia’s Re-birth:

Mermaid at HeartDonna,  Sophia’s Mum, explains:

“This is something that I did after my little girl was born. I didn’t get to use the pool, as we couldn’t get it to the correct temperature in time and she was coming too fast.

I found the ‘re-birth’ helped me deal with the disappointment I felt at not being able to birth in the pool. I also got my little boy in with us and it was a lovely bonding experience for us all.

I’m so glad I found your company. Your knowledge and experience really helped me as I’d never heard of a re-birth’ before.

Breastfeeding with my first baby didn’t go so well. I gave up after 2 days, but with my little girl 11 days in I’m still breastfeeding and it’s going well. I believe it’s down to the ‘re-birth’.”

Alfie re-birth:

Lyndsey,  Alfie’s Mum, explains:

“Here’s Alfie, at our ‘rebirth’ in a Mermaid at Heart pool. He was born  by emergency c-section after a planned home birth. Taking him into the pool was a very special experience.”







Marcie’s re-birth:

Stacie,  Marcie’s Mum, explains:

“Although we didn’t get our home birth due to induction, we had a wonderful rebirth with baby Marcie, her 3 big sisters and her Daddy. Thank you.”



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