Benefits of Mermaid Birth

Mermaid Birth is becoming an increasing popular choice for women in labour. The reasons Mermaid Birth is so highly sought after include:

Gentle Birth, Calm Baby.

A Mermaid Birth can be the gentlest way to welcome your baby into the world. Advocates of Mermaid Birth believe that the transition to the outside world is less traumatic for babies who are born in water. The idea is that the warm water will feel like the waters of your womb to your baby.

Babies who are born in water are often calm, and cry less than babies born in air.


Water has often been used to relax. A nice warm bath is often suggested after a long or stressful day or just to relax aching muscles. The water has exactly the same effect during childbirth. Relaxation is a good thing in childbirth. By being relaxed you will breathe more calmly and are less likely to take short, shallow breaths, which can make the pain of contractions worse.

Reduced tearing.

Because of the ability to relax and to have a gentler birth, mothers who have a Mermaid Birth have fewer tears and require fewer stitches than those who give birth on dry land.

Privacy and control.

A birthing pool will provide you with your own space. It may help you to feel more in control of your body.

Increased Movement.

It is easier to move around during labour and establish a greater range of positions because of the increased buoyancy you get in water. It becomes easier to move your legs, squat, circle your hips, all of which can help baby move down further into the pelvis and speed up labour.

Pain relief.

Water can be very effective at reducing pain. Guidelines written by the Health Watchdog, NICE, indicate that Water is the most effective form of pain relief during labour.

Positive birth.

Using a birth pool for labour is often such a positive experience that many women want to use one again when they have their next baby.

Mermaid at Heart (formally known as Water Baby Birthing Pool Hire) has helped thousands of women have a water birth and we regularly hear our customers say: “It really was the best experience of my life!”